We’re moving! And a new driver for AUDAC R2

Hello everybody!

We’ve decided to move in under the same roof with many other Control4 driver developers and integrators – to, that is.

We are still in the process of moving all our existing drivers, but from now on you can purchase the Devialet Expert Pro driver licences there (existing licences will be migrated soon), as well as licences for our brand new driver for the AUDAC R2 digital matrix system.

Control4 OS 3 (in)compatibility

Dear Control4 dealers!

While our popular drivers such as Modbus TCP PLC and Generic IP Device work fine with the latest Control4 OS 3 build, including the Bticino MyHome driver we have found an issue in the Bticino MyHome driver which makes it currently incompatible with this update.

We’re hoping to have the fix available soon.

As always with Control4 updates, be diligent and test all drivers on your own systems before upgrading your customers. If you’ve purchased those drivers from us before, you can ask for showroom licences free of charge too.

If you find any issues, report them to YATUN technical support.

Bticino MyHome driver fixed for Control4 OS 2.9

Dear dealers, a change in Control4 OS release 2.9.0 caused our Bticino MyHome driver to stop working on updated systems. We have updated the driver to amend this issue. The IP address of the Bticino MyHome gateway must now be (re)entered on the driver’s Properties page (for new and updated installs alike).

Apart from a few optimizations no major changes or additions were made to the Bticino MyHome driver suite.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

New driver: Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-612

We have added a driver for commercial scaler/switcher Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-612. It is in new c4z driver format (OS 2.6 and up) and uses online licencing.

Online Licencing

We have added support for online licencing. This allows you to manage your licences - release them from defunct controllers and transfer to new ones from the web site. At this moment only Modbus TCP PLC driver supports online licencing but we will add it to more drivers when we update them.

Introducing Apple TV IP driver for Control4

We are proudly introducing the most advanced, two-way Apple TV 2 & 3 driver for Control4 home automation system. The driver will enable you to get rid of the unsightly IR bug and add many features that were impossible before, such as automatic room on & off.

This is currently a beta version for Control4 dealer evaluation. We would love to hear your feedback before we release the driver into the wild (soon). For more details, visit the Apple TV IP driver product page.

Modbus Driver now Available!

Modbus is one of the most popular home automation protocols. This driver gives customers and installers more tools and features integrating modbus devices into Control4. The driver was designed with maximum flexibility in mind and can be used with many different types of modbus devices. For more information please go to the driver page.