Weather Station GIOM3000

The driver provides integration of Giom3000 weather station into the Control4 home automation systems. Values measured by the weather station are received and stored in string and number variables, where they are available for further processing and visualization.

Each weather station has to have its own static IP address. Also the Control4 control controller running Director has to have a static IP address to which the weather station sends data.

Weather station is connected to LAN using the provided Ethernet cable. The cable is permanently fixed to the weather station circuitry on side of the weather station. The other end of the cable is terminated by standard RJ45 connector. Weather station is powered over the LAN cable either from the PoE compatible switch or by PoE injector powered from the mains adapter.

Weather station description,technical data and picture you can find in enclosed driver documentation and also here.

The price is only for the driver, you have to purchase the weather station Giom 3000 separatedly.

Weather station output parameters :

WIND_SPEEDcurrent wind speed
WIND_SPEED_AVGaverage wind speed
WIND_GUSTpeak wind speed
WIND_DIRECTIONwind direction
PRESSUREatmospheric pressure
BAROMETRIC_ALTITUDEaltitude calculated from barometric pressure
TEMPERATUREcurrent temperature
WIND_CHILLwind chill
DEW_POINTDew point
RELATIVE_HUMIDITYrelative humidity
ABSOLUTE_HUMIDITYabsolute humidity
PLAINT_TEXTall parameters assembled in plain text format (for use with announcement in version 2.0+)

Supported Control4 Versions

Compatible with Control4 1.7 and above.


There is no 4Store app at the moment, so you are limited to announcements for displaying the values.


This driver has a free trial period. You can just download it, add to Composer and purchase licence only after evaluation.

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