Virtual Relays (Free)

Virtual relays driver makes easy visualization of logical values and states of devices and processes in Control4 systems possible. You can create up to 99 virtual relays on the driver. Status of those relays can be controlled and visualized from Control4 user interface (On screen Navigator, touch panels, remote control). Virtual relays are visualized by simple to understand icons (from ComposerPro Motorisation section) and self explanatory text descriptions (names).

Extremly practical for testing and status visualisation/control in real life projects.

Status of virtual relays can be evaluated and modified using Composer Pro Programming.

Virtual relays are typically used for visualization and control of devices and system states which does not have its native user interface in standard Control4 Navigators. Usually it is visualization of alarm system partitions states, user status (enabled/disabled) in access control applications and auxiliary states visualization – holiday, failure, maintenance request, etc. of complex devices.


  • Visualization of alarm system status and partitions statuses
  • Visualization of auxiliary states – failure, maintenance request etc. of complex devices, pools, irrigation, HVAC systems
  • Easy and comfortable visualization of system states – Holiday/Cleaning/Maintenance/etc.
  • Visualization of diagnostic information
  • User no. xyz enabled/disabled in access control applications
  • Visualization of last enforced states of one way controlled devices, i.e. RGB channels of IR controlled RGB LED modules

Supported Control4 Versions

Compatible with Control4 1.7 and above.


Since the driver is free we provide only a limited support. That said the driver works well and installation is straightforward.

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