Temperature Display (FREE)

This is a thermostat-based driver which does one thing and one thing only: display current temperature, without any other distracting user interface. Great for displaying temperature from any temperature sensor (thermometer).

The current temperature can be provided through NUMBER- and FLOAT-type variables in Programming or THERMOMETER-class connection.

Similar to our Software Thermostat V3 this driver can be paired with Temperature Generator for easy demonstration of the user interface without any hardware.

Supported Control4 Versions

Compatible with Control4 2.7.0 and above. For best results use 3.0.0 or above.


Since the driver is provided for free we provide only a limited support.

THERMOMETER--class connection

You may write your own driver, e.g. for a thermometer device, which utilizes these connections. Sending current temperature updates through the THERMOMETER connection is as simple as using a similar code in your driver:


Temperature scale

The driver supports the Celsius (centigrade) by default. Starting with Control4 3.0.0 the Fahrenheit scale is supported as well. It is selected automatically based on the temperature scale set in the Project Settings.

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