Software Thermostat (Free)

Software thermostat driver works with any relay in Control4 system and provides an easy way to control heating or cooling by switching it off or on according to difference between current and requested temperature. Desired temperature is comfortably set from proxy in any Control4 UI (remote control, On-screen navigator, ...). Current temperature is received through variable CURRENT_TEMP and can be supplied from any temperature measurement device.

Thermostat driver controls on/off states of a connected relay according to the difference between desired temperature and CURRENT_TEMP and a hysteresis value.

Software thermostat allows easily implement simple temperature control using third party input and output modules.

Driver main features

  • Desired temperature is easily and comfortably set by proxy
  • Current temperature is received through variable CURRENT_TEMP
  • User defined hysteresis to prevent frequent switching
  • Operation in degrees C or F

Supported Control4 Versions

Compatible with Control4 1.7 and above.


Since the driver is free we provide only a limited support. That said the driver works well and installation is straightforward.

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