Modbus TCP

Modbus is a communication protocol which supports large range of devices from home and industrial automation, especially different PLC units, ventilation and heat recovery devices and many others. Usually these have nontrivial functions for which drivers created using the Driver Wizard are insufficient.

The driver allows you to connect devices using Modbus protocol to Control4 system. Implemented two way communication with connected device makes possible control of the device through standard controls from Control4 user interface. The driver operates as a Modbus master and two versions of the driver are available, one for the Modbus TCP (connection via TCP/IP) and second for the Modbus RTU (connection via serial link) protocol. More Modbus devices can be connected, one driver for each device has to be added to Control4 project.

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 2.0 and up. Will work on any controller.


The driver works in the Modbus master mode only, the slave mode is not supported and the support is not planned. Currently the transmission of text strings is not supported but in a future we plan to add it. Following Modbus protocol functions are supported:

  • Read coils (FC 1)
  • Read discrete inputs (FC 2)
  • Read holding registers (FC 3)
  • Read input registers (FC 4)
  • Write single coils (FC 5)
  • Write single register (FC 6)
  • Write multiple coils (FC 15)
  • Write multiple registers (FC 16)
  • Mask write register (FC 22)


This driver has a free trial period. You can just download it, add to Composer and purchase licence only after evaluation.

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