GSM Gateway

The GSM modem driver provides integration of a GSM modem into Control4 home automation system. It enables remote control of the Control4 system by receiving specified number of phone rings, text messages containing selected words and it can inform users about system events by sending text messages with requested information.

The drivers allows users to easily and comfortably control their home automation system from any mobile phone and they can receive notifications about system status immediately in clear and descriptive texts on their phones.

The driver was tested with GSM modules from Cinterion wireless. Specifically terminals TC35i, MC55i and MC52i, but any modem supporting the used set of AT commands should work.

GSM modem has to be connected to any of the RS232 serial ports in the Control4 system (home controller units or expanders, etc.).

It also has to be equipped with SIM card with appropriate service plan of chosen GSM provider for correct operation. It is recommended to disable voicemail to allow high number of incoming rings. Number of GSM modules connected to Control4 system is not limited.

Main features

  • Ring detection (Event) and indication of number of rings during last ringing.
  • Receiving of SMS text messages in to string variable, Event indicating receipt of new message
  • Dispatch of SMS text messages consisting from several parts (texts or variables) to specified phone numbers
  • Incoming call/text message caller ID number evaluation/rejection
  • Universal caller ID processing-remote control from any type of cell phone or fixed line (CDMA, GSM, PSTN, etc.)
  • Generates Error messages and supervises link with GSM modem

Supported Control4 Versions

Compatible with Control4 versions 1.7 and above.


This driver has a free trial period. You can just download it, add to Composer and purchase licence only after evaluation.

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