Generic IP Driver

The driver allows bidirectional communication between Control4 system and a IP device using TCP/IP or UDP protocol. It is possible to send data in ASCII and HEX format and to receive data into a string variable. The driver can receive CR,LF,CR+LF and null terminated data strings.

Please note: This driver is not intended to send or receive HTTP commands, as it would be needlessly complicated. Use Alan Chow’s Generic TCP Command driver and Ryan Erickson’s Web Events driver instead, for example.


  • Communication with I/O devices
  • Connection of sensors and meters – temperature and humidity meters, voltage, etc.
  • Control and communication with third party devices – control systems, CCTV, access control, etc.
  • Dispatch of data to external datalogging and storage systems and SW applications

To parse and process received strings you can take advantage of the free Calculator driver. Using these two drivers you can implemented a simple bidirectional communication over IP from Programming script, without need for developing a driver in DriverWorks SDK.

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 1.6 and up. Will work on any controller.


Please take into consideration that while implementing a complex communication protocol is possible with this driver and Calculator driver, you should avoid it if you need more then a few commands from it. The amount of work needed in Composer Programming can easily exceed the price of a separate DriverWorks driver.


This driver has a free trial period. You can just download it, add to Composer and purchase licence only after evaluation.

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