CP Plus (FREE)

CP Plus IP Camera driver for Control4 enables you to view MJPEG & H.264 stream from these affordable cameras on all Control4 navigators including on-screen, touch screens and mobile & PC apps.

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 2.5.3 or later.

Camera Firmware

Please request the atest camera firmware from your distributor or the manufacturer. There’s a known bug in older firmware versions which causes the primary stream to fall back from H.264 to MJPEG when MJPEG is requested on the secondary stream URL.

H.264 stream support in Control4

H.264 RTSP streams are currently only supported on Control4 mobile apps. Other user interfaces fall back to the MJPEG stream.


This driver is provided as-is, without any warranty of applicability for your purpose. The source code is unencrypted. You are encouraged to make modifications and improvements to the driver and you are welcome to share your changes with us.

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