Announcement Consolidator (Free)

Announcement consolidator driver provides easy dynamic visualization of custom text messages and variables contents on OnScreen Navigator and TouchPanels. Typical example is visualization of temperatures from whole house, weather station data and energy consumption data.

Driver automatically generates one text variable put together from following optional custom data: header text variable followed by 14 rows each containing combination of leading text, numerical variable contents (converted to text), trailing text.

This text variable containing formatted text is then simply displayed using the standard Announcement function on selected TVs and TouchPanels. It is quick and easy way to convey values and states generated by devices which do not have their native user interface in standard Control4 Navigators.

It has been used to provide dynamic visualization of alarm system partitions states and auxiliary states visualization – failure, maintenance request, etc. of complex devices. It also makes easy display of help texts and guidelines, contact information, phone numbers etc.


  • Display of whole house/system temperatures
  • Display of help text and instructions
  • Visualization of weather station data and energy consumption data
  • Visualization of energy consumption data
  • Visualization of alarm system status and alarm system partitions (groups) statuses
  • Auxiliary states visualization –failure, maintenance request etc. of complex devices, pools, irrigation HVAC systems.
  • Visualization of diagnostic information
  • Easy and comfortable visualization of system states – eg. Holiday/Cleaning/Maintenance

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 1.6 and up. Will work on any controller.

Known limitations

Since the driver is free we provide only a limited support. There is no known issue with the driver and installation is straightforward.

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