Calculator (Free)

The driver provides a way to simply calculate functions and complex expressions/formulas and process string variables. You can use mathematical functions (sin, pow, log, sqrt, modulo, binary/bitwise operations, ...) which are not available in Composer Programming, parse strings and convert between number and text.

The driver contains 26 NUMBER and 20 STRING variables from which can be used in your formulas. All operators and functions supported by Lua in Director (version 5.1+) can be used. For string operations is particulary suitable string library available at wiki.

Calculator driver is a usefull complement to Generic Serial or Generic IP driver as together they provide a quick way to process third party bidirectional communication protocols on RS232/RS485 or over IP in Composer Pro Programming.


Contains 26 auxiliary NUMBER and STRING variables which can be used in custom formulas and expressions

Contains variable Result (type NUMBER, STRING, BOOL) containing result of the expression evaluation


  • Calculations of constants/averages/ratios and parameters of systems in temperature control and power consumption metering applications.
  • Processing and evaluation of data from devices using proprietary text based protocols – thermometers, humidity meters, etc.
  • Preparations and assembly of commands and protocol messages for proprietary binary and text protocol controlled devices I/O modules, D/A converters, irrigation systems, etc.

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 1.6 and up. Will work on any controller.

Known limitations

Since the driver is free we provide only a limited support. Please do not overuse the driver as it can lead to performance issues – the driver is not meant as an alternative to complex device specific DriverWorks drivers.

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